Our aim is simple. Help people work and learn for a sustainable future.

Set-up in 1996, CHANGE AGENTS UK provide specialist recruitment with training and support for a wide range of sustainability projects in the public, private and voluntary sectors, on a not-for-profit basis, as well as creating charity partnerships that deliver innovation, bids and project management.

We do this by providing our clients and partners with high quality, enthusiastic professionals for entry and mid-level roles. Our efficient, bespoke and values driven recruitment service ensures we recruit skilled and committed people; who are driven by the desire to work in ethical and responsible businesses. Our graduates and young people gain invaluable experience through access to paid and voluntary opportunities, which alongside training, online learning resources and collaboration, increases their value, impact and employability.

We pride ourselves on being flexible, open and progressive, recruiting graduates and young people to work in organisations with strong values, who want to minimise their impact on the environment and make the world they operate in more sustainable way.

Experience in sustainability research, engagement and education projects since 1996

A network of over 11,700+ young people and graduates

1,000 projects, with over 150 Local Authorities and 50 educational institutions, as well as private and third sector organisations.



  • Provide learning and training opportunities for its members based on the skills for sustainability literacy and employability
  • Offer experiences such as volunteering, internships, paid placements and learning activities that give members the chance to develop themselves and to drive sustainability in  businesses and communities.
  • Give a platform for young people to collaborate, share experiences, gather and join together as a critical mass.
  • Create crowd based opportunities that allow young people to work together on real life, real world problems such as research, positive action and projects.
  • Inform research and consultation on learning, employability, sustainability and related issues.
  • Encourage our members/young people to shape the activities of the organisation, responding to their desires, ideas and creativity.

Our 'Green & Responsible' Candidates

  • Around 80 per cent of the graduates believe the number of Green jobs will continue to rise in the future, despite the current economic downturn.
  • Almost half of the graduates surveyed recently by CHANGE AGENTS UK hold a Master’s degree, yet nearly two-thirds are dissatisfied in their current role. Many feel under-employed, while also experiencing widespread structural unemployment. Despite this, almost three-quarters feel they are still making a contribution towards sustainability.
  • The survey also revealed that working for a sustainable future is more important to graduates than even financial reward and job security. Indeed, 87 per cent said that a job that aligns with their ethics and works towards sustainability is worth more than a higher salary.


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If you would like to find out more about CHANGE AGENTS UK and what we do please contact our team at contact@changeagents.org.uk or 01572 723 419.

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