Warm Homes Officers Graduate Training Scheme

Through a graduate training scheme Change Agents UK were able to train and support over 30 new energy officers to go out into the “field” to begin the important task of making homes warmer and more efficient while saving residents money, particularly focusing on communities and people vulnerable to fuel poverty. The variety of the roles the officers have undertaken is almost as broad as their spread geographically across England; from Bradford to Islington, they undertook home visits, coordinated communications campaigns and events and created and administered referral networks. Many were in fact doing most of the above simultaneously (although not in all locations at once!). Change Agents would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the Warm Homes Officers (often referred to as WHOs) for their hard work in creating such a successful initiative.

To find out more about some of this activity please have a look at one of the case studies below:

Continuing the Warm Homes Graduate Scheme

A hugely successful scheme. If you would like more information please click here, or contact us