Sustainability Projects Assistants: making NUS Engagement programmes a success

Sustainability Projects Assistants (SPAs) are how we support the NUS' Green Impact scheme and other NUS engagement programmes driving behaviour  change in higher and further education as well as off-campus in organisations such as hospitals, local authorities, businesses, government departments and charities.

Change Agents UK and Green Impact:

A key component of the NUS Engagement Programme package is the Sustainability Projects Assistant (SPA). An SPA (previously known as a Green Impact Assistant and Sustainable Behaviour Assistant) is a dedicated individual and resource who coordinates Green Impact and or other NUS engagement programmes within the organisation to achieve maximum impact and outreach.

Change Agents’ role is to recruit, train and support SPAs through their placement. Armed with the experience, tools and techniques to inspire people to make positive change. 

SPAs ensure the success of your Green Impact programme by:

  • Planning, delivering and evaluating the entire life cycle of the project
  • Engaging staff and local students through targeted marketing campaigns
  • Recruiting, coordinating and inspiring a team of voluntary sustainability champions within departments
  • Initiating and assisting with wider environmental initiatives
  • Organising and facilitating the final awards ceremony to recognise winning teams, celebrate the success of all participants, share good practice and highlight the organisation’s commitment to improving environmental performance

Institutions with SPAs coordinating Green Impact have, without exception, achieved the highest staff department participation rates, reaching more people and inspiring wider change.  The University of Essex who took on an SPA for the first time in 2015/16 took their number of participating teams from 3 the previous year, to 38 this year!

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Recruiting a Sustainability Projects Assistant

In the past three years Change Agents UK have received 1,805 applications for 19 Sustainability Projects Assistant opportunities, that's an average of 95 applications each! For more information, and to begin recruiting a Sustainability Projects Assistant, please see the 2016-17 NUS ratecard

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