About us

CHANGE AGENTS UK is a not-for-profit organisation; experts in recruiting and developing graduates and young people driven by the desire to work for ethical and responsible businesses. 

We do this by providing our clients and partners with high quality, enthusiastic professionals for entry and mid-level roles. Our efficient, bespoke and values-driven recruitment service ensures we recruit skilled and committed people; whilst our Employment Services manage all aspects of HR and Payroll for those clients who do not have the capacity to employ internally.

Our graduates and young people gain invaluable experience through access to paid and voluntary opportunities, which alongside training, online learning resources and collaboration, increases their value, impact and employability.

We pride ourselves on being flexible, open and progressive, recruiting graduates and young people to work in organisations with strong values, who want to minimise their impact on the environment and make the world they operate in more sustainable.

Please explore our services on the menu and take a look around our website to see the outcomes we at Change Agents UK, our partners and our Change Agents have achieved.