Getting involved with European’s Green Capital

The European Commission has recognised Bristol’s success in creating a green city with a high quality of life by naming the city as European Green Capital 2015. This prestigious award gives Bristol a unique opportunity to further enhance the city’s reputation for creativity, culture and innovation. Our office in Bristol means that we intend to be fully involved in the

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WiSEE Startrepreneur – Melanie Cook from ‘The Hive Events’

WiSEE is happy to share Melanie’s story in this month’s Startrepreneur Spotlight series.  This woman’s passion is to help make valuable changes in people’s lives, while also co-directing an exciting social enterprise that aims to make a positive difference within underprivileged communities.    Please introduce yourself and explain your role in the business. MC: My name is Melanie and I’m

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Why we exist; Knowing the graduate job market

 We regularly consult graduates to find out whether our service is meeting their needs. We ask about training topics, their experience of the employment that they may be in and how they feel about improvements that could be made to what we currently offer. Of the 303 graduates that responded to our latest survey, 36% were unemployed.  Our fundamental purpose

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Catching up with Energize Worcester

Change Agents have been providing high quality technical support to the University of Worcester for some time now. Part of our service was to meet the project’s recruitment needs. We thought that this would be a great opportunity for Change Agent, Peng Li, Project Manager of Energize Worcester to fill us in on what has been happening with the project.

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WiSEE Startrepreneur – Sally Higham from RunAClub

*** Congrats WiSEE Sally! Sally has just scored place as one of the Big Venture Challenge winners! *** WiSEE met Sally virtually through the Guardian Social Enterprise Network (see the discussion here) and we thought her experience and business would be a great contribution to the WiSEE community. Let us introduce Sally, the founder and CEO of RunAClub. WiSEE asked her

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