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Why we exist; Knowing the graduate job market

 We regularly consult graduates to find out whether our service is meeting their needs. We ask about training topics, their experience of the employment that they may be in and how they feel about improvements that could be made to what we currently offer. Of the 303 graduates that responded to our latest survey, 36% were unemployed.  Our fundamental purpose

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Supported Interns in Bristol Create Centre

Change Agents UK in partnership with the University West of England have placed 4 recent Graduates to work as a part of an intern network in Bristol. ‘Change Agents UK Supported Interns’ are based in the Bristol Create Centre and the programme is designed to enable small and medium sized environmental organisations to maximise the potential of interns and recent graduates for

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Anna at the Change Agents UK stand

Change Agents UK at Sustainabilitylive!

This was CHANGE AGENTS UK’s first exhibit at Sustainabilitylive! since the rebrand from Student Force for Sustainability. Set up amidst stalls showcasing LED light bulbs, windmills and energy saving sensor switches in the NEMEX area of the show, people would often rush by the stand with a quick glance, then slow their pace as our giant purple sphere lured them

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Change Agents UK commissioned the survey of 500 green graduates

Green graduates optimistic about the future

The future is looking bright for Green Jobs, according to a new survey charting the views of environmental graduates. Around 80 per cent of the graduates believe the number of Green jobs will continue to rise in the future, despite the current economic downturn. More than 500 people responded to the survey, which reviewed how green graduates feel about their

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