Why we exist; Knowing the graduate job market

 We regularly consult graduates to find out whether our service is meeting their needs. We ask about training topics, their experience of the employment that they may be in and how they feel about improvements that could be made to what we currently offer.

Of the 303 graduates that responded to our latest survey, 36% were unemployed.  Our fundamental purpose is to boost graduate employability in the sustainability sector. We list our vacancies on our website, email them out and promote them on social media.

Of those employed, just 41% were working in a sustainable/green role and yet the desire to be in a role that is working towards a sustainable future was provided as a joint top job-seeking consideration. The other top priority given was career progression. Our continued support throughout placements, via coaching, training and more,  mean that rather than finding a role with a recruiter, graduates become ‘change agents’; members of a community that continuously explores career progression.

However, it is easy for us to say that we meet graduate needs and so this is a good opportunity to share some of the feedback that we received on our service from the graduates questioned…

How have you gained from our services and what do you find most useful about what we offer?

“A job! Lots of support. That’s really important when you’re going into your first “real” sustainability job.”

“It’s great as a one stop shop for sustainability jobs at the right level, as it’s difficult to find graduate level sustainability jobs on other job listings.”

“The feedback after interviews has been amazing”

“Job advertisements, useful interview feedback, inspiring webinars from other people pursuing a green future.”

“After a non-successful job interview I received the best, most constructive and helpful feedback I could have ever asked for. That meant a lot to me, as it gave me an idea of what to improve.”

“I got a job because of you and have been given some awesome opportunities. Friendly advice and a willingness to help have been invaluable.”

“You have really passionate staff who care about sustainability and their organisation, which is brilliant.”

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