Candidate Recruitment Process


Every opportunity is advertised for a period of 2 weeks on our browse vacancies page, they are also listed on industry specific job websites including , other job websites where applicable, specific university careers service websites, as well as social media platforms, to ensure maximum reach. 

The application close date is clearly stated so take your time to read the opportunity description thoroughly, paying particular attention to the essential and desirable criteria.

CHANGE AGENTS UK manage the whole recruitment process so please contact us with any enquiries.

Shortlisting CVs:

We receive on average 100 CV applications per opportunity therefore competition is high. Each applicants CV is shortlisted by the Recruitment and Development Team at CHANGE AGENTS UK and scored against the selection criteria set out in the Opportunity Description.

To increase your chance of an interview we need to be able to see that you would be able to carry out the key tasks of the role and therefore it is essential that you tailor your application, referencing the selection criteria and evidencing how you meet each requirement with specific experience.

Only the top scoring 15-20 candidates will be taken through the telephone interviews to make sure your application shines through.

Shortlisting by telephone interview:

The second stage of shortlisting is the Telephone Interview. This is a 15-20 minute process whereby we will ask you a handful of questions based on the essential and desirable criteria on the Opportunity Description. The formal interview places are offered to the top scoring applicants. This gives us a great opportunity to get to know the people behind the CVs and make informed decisions for the formal interview.

Formal interview:

Interviews are held at the client's premises, where 4-6 candidates will be invited to interviews with a member of the CHANGE AGENTS UK team present, alongside at least one member of staff from the organisation, usually the line manager of the successful applicant. The employer will have only seen the anonymised CV's of the interviewees so don't worry if you feel like you are repeating yourself from the telephone interview, now is the time to convince the employer of your suitability. 

CHANGE AGENTS UK facilitate and organise the interview process and ensure that the day runs smoothly.

For more hints and tips on how to make your application stand out visit the Change Agents Academy.