Experience as Sustainability Project Assistant by Jessica Hawes

Experience as Sustainability Project Assistant by Jessica Hawes

The Brief    

QMUL is a University in central London with a rapidly developing Sustainability offer. Initially my role was to assist the team in running our engagement programme, including Green Impact, Student Switch Off, and QMUL’s Green Week. I also had the opportunity to assist in the development of our Energy & Environmental Management System (E&EMS), and contribute to energy reduction projects. The responsibilities of my role changed rapidly as my abilities grew and I became able to provide leadership and strategic direction relating to QMUL’s Sustainability communications and engagement. 

The Partnership  

I lead on QMUL’s sustainability engagement and communications, and the strategic management of these elements. This includes the development of QMUL’s Sustainability Communications Strategy and its implementation. I am also responsible for the internal auditing of QMUL’s E&EMS.

Opportunity / Benefits  

I am highly grateful for being able develop so quickly through the year. I am managed by a past Change Agent, which has given me a great sense of what I could achieve professionally in a matter of years. I’ve also hugely appreciated the training resources Change Agents make available, particularly the Professional Development Award

The Results

I increased QMUL’s number of Green Impact teams by 80%, grew our social media following by 30%, achieved an average of 5% reduction in electricity consumption across Residences, and engaged 1194 students in Sustainability during ‘Green Mary Week’. I’ve also contributed to the strategic management of sustainability at QMUL by writing policies and procedures as part of our EMS. I am now QMUL’s Sustainability Engagement Manager, and am looking forward to continuing to make QMUL a more sustainable place.

Published August 2015.

Jess is committed to delivering above and beyond her appraisal objectives to support the organizational objectives.
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