Climate Change Officer: Planning for change

Council employees working with Climate Change Officer on climate change

The Climate Change Officer's brief

Climate East Midlands (formerly part of the East Midlands Regional Assembly) has worked with CHANGE AGENTS since 2008 to deliver a unique regional approach to adapting to climate change in local authorities. The Planning to Adapt project has placed a large cohort of graduates in key positions across the region.

The Partnership

Climate East Midlands developed the partnership with CHANGE AGENTS at a key moment in the work of regional and local government on beginning to address the challenges of adapting to climate change. As a relatively new field of work, the recent Climate Change Officer graduates provided local authorities with affordable, state-of-the-art knowledge and skills, and an abundance of enthusiasm and passion for their work. In exchange, the cohort of graduates developed their workplace skills, honed and applied their knowledge, and got vital experience and networking.

With the addition of CHANGE AGENTS employment service, project management and training workshops, the project has been invaluable to all stakeholders and to the graduates in their personal and professional development.

Their Opportunity has included research, Local Climate Impact Profiles, risk analysis, report and policy writing, engaging with organisations across all sectors, running workshops and communications. This has resulted in a varied and challenging opportunity which has equipped a large number of people for further work in this and wider fields.

The Results

Climate East Midlands’ National Indicator 188 returns to Defra in May 2010 indicated that more local authorities had achieved NI188 Level 2 in the East Midlands than in any other region and further progress has continued since then. The graduates have gone on to a wide range of careers, as well as being offered further employment with the Partners.

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Published September 2011.

Climate East Midlands has greatly valued the contribution of the graduates recruited by CHANGE AGENTS UK over the past three years. Some 27 change agents have now worked on the Planning to Adapt project and helped the East Midlands to become one of England’s highest performing regions on local adaptation
Mike Peverill Coordinator, Climate East Midlands