Environmental Management at Caterpillar

Sara Rodriguez, Caterpillar, Change Agents, environmental management

The Brief   

Caterpillar BCP (Building Construction Products) has been in the UK for 60 years now, the Desford site being the first facility of the company outside the US. It is dedicated to the assembly of construction machines mainly used in building and construction sites, and currently employs 1800 people approximately. 

It is in its care about sustainability and environmental performance that this opportunity was provided, with the change agent being directly involved in the environmental management of the facility.

The Partnership

Caterpillar established the partnership with Change Agents some years ago. During this opportunity the support of Change Agents through workshops and conferences has been very good for networking and especially learning from the feedback of other change agents.

The opportunity has been an invaluable “learning on the job” experience, with direct involvement in the environmental management of the facility, enabling Sara to learn about a wide range of environmental issues, such as environmental legislation, permitting, waste management and the industrial processes carried out at the facility.

The learning outcomes have not only been in professional terms but the opportunity has also had an incredible learning outcome in personal terms.

The Results

  • The environmental permit of the facility has been maintained.
  • Caterpillar held its second Sustainability Week, as an attempt of raising awareness on the issue among the employees. This gave the opportunity to see areas for improvement for subsequent years to be able to involve more people and have a bigger impact.
  • The Environmental Steering Team has recently been re-launched and looks promising as all the members seem very energetic and looking forward to being involved in sustainability. Hopefully this will mean that more sustainability projects can be undertaken.  


Published February 2014.

Sara has worked actively in the environmental management system of the facility, being involved in different activities and having a continuous opportunity to keep learning.
Kari Critchlow, Health and Safety Manager, Caterpillar