Every penny counts for Gloucestershire’s sustainable procurement project

Change Agents happy to be working with Gloucestershire County Council

The Brief

Gloucestershire County Council called CHANGE AGENTS for help with embedding sustainability in their procurement processes.  The strategic procurement business plan was the driver behind this project, the plan focusses on the quality of life for future generations, including addressing the increased growth and dependency on car travel, and vulnerability to the impacts of climate change.

The Partnership

This project examined a broad range of sustainability issues at Gloucestershire County Council ranging from the strategic procurement business plan and sustainability in tender pre-qualification questionnaires right through to considering the individual printers on desks and even council taxi contractors green credentials.

Fellow project workers I’ve met during CHANGE AGENTS training workshops share my view that our placements are an invaluable stepping stone to further careers in sustainability.

The Results

  • Less money spent on printers, toners and cartridges and reduced environmental impact
  • Less electricity used reducing the GCC carbon footprint and saving money
  • 10-20% sustainability score in transport, furniture, cleaning services and school meal tenders
  • Euro 5 standard engines (with lower NOx emissions) for Park & Ride buses
  • Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) accreditation for furniture suppliers working towards a council wide Sustainable Timber Policy.


Published September 2011.

CHANGE AGENTS are unique in that they promote the skills of graduates for sustainability in the public and private sectors, facilitating job opportunities and providing training and support. CHANGE AGENTS provided me with the break I needed.
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