Greeniversity Promotion Officer Jodie - Peterborough Graduate Scheme Case Study

Experience on placement by Jodie Denton

The Brief    

Peterborough Environment City Trust (PECT) is an independent environmental charity working towards a cleaner, greener and more sustainable Peterborough. PECT delivers a range of projects and initiatives with the aim to make Peterborough the UK’s Environmental Capital.

Greeniversity is one of these projects and it’s a community skills project that’s all about living better in a way that values the environment. It helps people in a community to get together and learn something new, whilst also giving them the chance to teach their own skills to others in the community.  Jodie’s role as Greeniversity Promotions Officer was to support the national role out of Greeniversity by improving the support process and marketing materials for volunteers establishing new Greeniversity groups in their area.

The Partnership  

The relationship between Change Agents, PECT and Jodie has been very good, with both Change Agents and PECT supporting Jodie throughout the project.

As Greeniversity Promotions Officer Jodie’s focus has been to deliver a successful marketing campaign for Greeniversity by rebranding all of their marketing materials, both physical and online. Jodie has helped create support materials for volunteers to establish new Greeniversity groups in their area, including making case studies, updating all Greeniversity social media, and producing how to set up your own Greeniversity group videos which can be found on the Greeniversity YouTube Channel:

Jodie has self taught herself Photoshop and InDesign for making marketing materials and iMovie for filming and editing videos. Jodie now has a deeper understanding of office procedures and is more capable of marketing a project to different.

The Results

Since Jodie started the project the number of page views on the Greeniversity website has increased from 6,358 in September 2014 to 9,518 in January 2015, with the Greeniversity Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages being updated and viewership increased.  The videos made for Greeniversity have been successfully completed and uploaded to the Greeniversity website and YouTube pages, and have received fantastic feedback from all who have seen the videos, including the CEO of PECT.

From here Greeniversity will continue to grow in numbers of classes and learners both locally and nationally. Our regional co-ordinators are working hard to promote Greeniversity in Bristol and Manchester and hopefully groups in new areas will start to grow as well.

Published October 2015. 

Jodie has been invaluable to the project and will be greatly missed.
Jodie's Line Manager