Reducing Queensgate’s Impact - Peterborough Graduate Scheme Case Study

Experience on placement by Georgina Everest

The Brief    

Queensgate Shopping Centre is a 33 year old establishment and is dedicated to being an innovative, resource efficient organisation and a leading example of best practice in the retail industry. Environmental awareness is a key aspect which resonates throughout the centre and has provided an opportunity for a Change Agent, Georgina, to join the team.

The Growing Greener Pledge is managed by Georgina, it highlights the benefits of energy, waste and water efficiency to the retailers and provides recommendations for improvement, along with potential cost savings. The most environmentally aware retailers will be celebrated at an awards ceremony in April 2015. This is the first project of its kind in the retail industry.                                                                               

The Partnership  

Carol Wakelin, Queensgate’s Environmental Manager, initiated the relationship between the Centre and CHANGE AGENTS UK. The continued support from both CHANGE AGENTS UK and Queensgate enabled Georgina to effectively manage the project and produce some valuable results.

This opportunity has offered Georgina experience in environmental consultancy, resource efficiency, project management and multi-level communication. The ability to build working relationships within a variety of organisations has been essential for this project to succeed. 

The Results

Georgina has reached 83% retailer participation in the pledge and produced an average cost saving of 31% across the retailers, provided that all recommendations are adopted. The potential energy saving equates to 2,933 tons of CO2e pa and the potential water saving is 3,570m3 pa.

The foundations have been laid for the project to become an annual event to celebrate the environmental awareness and relationship between Queensgate Shopping Centre and its retailers. 


Published May 2015. 


Georgina has been a valued member of the team and has successfully increased retailer engagement around sustainability with the Growing Greener Pledge.
Georgina's Line Manager