SBA's Case Study: Green Impact at the University of Kent

Experience as Sustainable Behaviour Assistant by Laura Heintz

The Brief    

2014/15 was the 6th year that the Green Impact Scheme was implemented at the University of Kent. Green Impact is the National Union of Students’ environmental awards and accreditation scheme, which rewards teams of staff for making small, positive changes in their working environment. The Sustainable Behaviour Assistant works with the University’s environmental team to ensure that the Scheme is delivered effectively. There are also opportunities to assist with other environmental projects happening within the University.

The Partnership  

The staff at the University of Kent and Change Agents UK have provided excellent support to the University’s Sustainable Behaviour Assistant, Laura. As well as regular workshops, online resources, networking opportuities and review meetings, Laura has received ongoing encourgement and built strong relationships with the staff at the University and other Sustainable Behaviour Assistants. This has helped her to develop the knowledge and skills required to deliver her objectives effectively.

The Results

As a result of their hard work, Laura and the team at the University of Kent presented 31 teams of staff with an Award at the green Impact Awards Ceremony in March, which was a record number of teams. Since Green Impact began, the University has reduced its carbon emissions from almost 18,000 tonnes in 2005 to under 15,000 tonnes in 2014. One of Laura’s biggest achievements was the success of Green Action Week in February 2015. In order to motivate and encourage teams to reach their targets, Laura put together a programme of activities which helped the team’s complete tasks from the Green Impact workbook. There was a different sustainability theme every day and lots of opportunities for teams to work together and develop their own initiatives. Laura created a guidebook for the week, sent daily e-mails with tips and motivation and as a result of Green Action Week, most teams gained enough points to achieve a Silver Award. Laura was highly encouraged by the number of teams who took part and received extremely positive feedback.

Published April 2015. 


Laura breathed new life into our Green Impact project and motivated and inspired everyone she met.
Laura's Line Manager