SBA's Case Study: Behaviour Change at the University of Salford

Experience as Sustainable Behaviour Assistant by Shaun Wykes

The Brief    

In 2014/15 the University of Salford took part in a second round of Green Impact, the National Union of Students’ environmental awards and accreditation scheme and needed someone to run it! Shaun Wykes, the Sustainable Behaviours Assistant, was tasked with working in the small University Sustainability team to independently coordinate sustainability events and campaigns on campus throughout the year with the aim to engage staff and students and make a positive environmental change.

The Partnership  

Shaun’s major tasks in the opporunity included coordinating and running Green Impact,  Blackout and two weeks of events and opportunitites during #gogreensalford (which coincided with Fairtrade Fortnight). Working in a sustainability team of just two allowed Shaun to be involved and contribute to all aspects of the sustainability agenda at Salford. Change Agents UK played a valuable role in providing training and support for Shaun, including a project management workshop which gave Shaun the push to plan a film about sustainability at Salford in 2014/15with three students, which premiered at the Green Impact awards in June!

The Results

Shaun’s efforts in recruitment and engagement resulted in a hugely successful Green Impact year with 15 teams achieving various award levels, including 8 new teams, who together completed 1,051 sustainability actions. One of the big successes was the number of students engaged in sustainability. 40 students were trained as Project Assistants and worked with teams throughout the year to undertake actions, 70 students took their Friday night out to complete a university wide audit for Blackout, 27 students were trained as Green Impact auditors and altogether throughout the year more than 100 students from across the university gave over 393 volunteering hours to sustainability initiatives. Shaun was approachable and made sure to maintain regular communication by sending out newsletters to teams, organising regular team visits and running ad hoc engagement events.

Published July 2015. 


Shaun has been an invaluable resource and has shown great focus, ingenuity and dedication in his role by consistently delivering excellent results including increasing the participation in Green Impact at the university and arranging a variety of extremely successful events.
Shaun's Line Manager