Sustainability Project Assistant Ellie at North Bristol NHS Trust

The ​Brief

The Sustainable Development Unit at North Bristol NHS Trust is an outstanding department that constantly strives for, and achieves, excellence in their field. They recently introduced a new Environmental Management System (ISO14001) and subsequently rolled out a large number of projects and re-developments to meet its standards. One such project was Green Impact, brought in to improve staff engagement in health and sustainability and to increase positive environmental behaviours.  My role was to coordinate the scheme as well as to support the team in their multiple other sustainable endeavours. I was so proud of the team when they were deservedly awarded ‘Overall Winners’ at NHS Sustainability Day 2016.

The Partnership     

Change Agents have provided me invaluable support throughout the year. I received excellent training and skill development opportunites as well as on the ground support from Kim who helped me run our workshops and audits. My organisation collaborated with CAUK to develop our criteria and launch the programme prior to my arrival. The SDU here welcomed me straight away and provided me with an excellent platform from which I felt I could do my job effectively. 

Key Responsibilities

Whilst Green Impact broadly addresses environmental behaviour, I feel my focus here was on communicating and educating staff on the inherent links between health and sustainability, as well as driving forward the TLC campaign to achieve savings and prove its worth in its first year. My key responsibilites were to recruit and support Green Impact teams, to communicate and engage all staff in sustainability through roadshows and workshops, to support the SDU in their efforts to reach ISO14001 standards and to develop resources such as posters and newsletters to  futher the reach of the SDU into new staff groups.

Opportunity Benefits

This job is unlike most other roles graduates can expect to secure on leaving university in the additional opportunities it offers. Firstly, being introduced to SPAs at other institutions means you can share best practice and learn from eachothers acheivements and pitfalls. Secondly, the chance to regularly discuss your progress and take part in interactive, online courses means you can comfortably meet targets and deadlines as well as developing skills and furthering your career prospects. CAUK distinguishes itself from other graduate employers in their careful and genuine consideration of the person  and their future.