Sustainability Projects Assistant Joe, at The University of Sheffield

The University of Sheffield is a large organisation with over 26,000 students, 7,000 staff and several hundred buildings. Due to the size and nature of its activities, the University places significant environmental impacts on the local and global environment.

The University recognises its impact and has made a commitment to improving its environmental and sustainability performance. Behaviour change projects such as the Green Impact and Student Switch Off programmes form an integral part of the University’s on-going environmental management activity, and the success of these projects is key if the University is to meet its sustainability targets.

The Partnership     

The University recognised the need for someone to manage and develop their Behaviour Change projects, and have been employing Sustainability Projects Assistants through Change Agents UK for a number of years. In 206/17, Joe was employed to continue this tradition.

Key Responsibilities

The main aim of Joe’s work was to promote sustainable behaviour in the staff and students of the university, by managing the University’s existing Green Impact programme. There was also opportunities to create and manage new projects on campus that encouraged staff and students to increase their pro-environmental behaviour.

Opportunity Benefits

Thanks to the role, Joe was able to gain invaluable experience of managing large projects involving many different stakeholders, and make a real difference to the sustainability of a large institution. The networking and training opportunities provided by Change Agents also proved invaluable!

The Results

Over the last year, Joe coordinated several projects that made a real difference to staff/student behaviour and improved environmental performance. For example, the NUS estimated that the University’s 2015/16 Green Impact programme alone engaged 2820 staff members and saved a massive 738,702 Kg of CO2! That’s £209,763 off the University’s energy bills.

Joe is now moving on to apply the skills he gained elsewhere, and the University is hoping to repeat the success it has had over the last year by employing a new SPA through Change Agents UK.