Transforming UCL Sustainably

The Brief    

Sustainability is one of the key enablers for UCL’s large scale transformation program as it undertakes a major refurbishment and expansion of its estate. UCL incorporates BREEAM new construction and RICS Ska sustainable assessment fit-out methodologies for its many on-going construction projects and has recently retained certification of its EMS to Eco Campus Gold standard.

The Partnership  

UCL recruited a second change agent, Evan Landy, to the sustainability team to lead on Ska assessments; designing in sustainable measures to refurbishments and ensuring they are implemented. The opportunity provided training and exposure to safe and sustainable construction through working with a variety of stakeholders such as architects, contractors and academics on complex and fast moving projects. 

The Results

This year saw four projects achieve Ska Gold (the highest sustainable fit-out rating) and three projects achieve Ska Silver. The headlines include maximising reuse of materials, ensuring only FSC certified timber products were used on projects, 90%+ recycling and the implementation of efficient lighting and plant - saving many thousands of pounds over the buildings life cycle.

Evan has also been able to feed his passion and knowledge of biodiversity by developing green infrastructure projects, designing in green roofs and other wildlife friendly enhancements around campus. The next steps are to ensure UCL continues leading on higher education sustainable construction through Ska and other innovations.

Published February 2016. 


Evan has been a great change agent who has brought experience, enthusiasm and a positive attitude. He has also helped to develop this on-going role.
Tony Overbury, Sustainability Manager