Waste Management and Engagement at Breckland Council by Katie Ogilvie

The Brief    

The partnership through Change Agents UK has enabled Breckland Council to take on two Waste Management and Engagement Officers for seven months, to help create a high impact on engagement with recycling in a short space of time. 
The purpose of this placement was to: 

  1. Increase Garden Waste (brown bin) subscribers,
  2. Reduce recycling contamination and
  3. Engage residents about recycling.

Key Responsibilities 

My Key responsibilities as an Officer were to:

  • Launch and run a promotional campaign from May to September to increase garden waste subscribers, using a £10 National Garden voucher incentive.
  • Work with schools to increase engagement in recycling.
  • Work with community groups to run talks for a wide range of people including WI groups, U3A groups and social groups.
  • Run a series of events and roadshows to promote recycling.

Opportunity / Benefits  

  • Developed project management skills by producing schemes/events from start to finish.
  • Presentation skills honed through multiple presentations given to group between 10 to over 500 participants.
  • Experience in environmental education delivery in a school to a wide variety of ages; 3yrs to 18yrs.
  • General organization and time management worked on through project delivery with deadlines.  

The Results

Over 13 schools from infant to sixth form level were visited with a wide variety of assemblies and workshops, including recycling relay games and canvas bag decorating. All school engagement was well received which showed in the results of feedback forms all being positively scored, and specifically a phone call and emails from a pleased parents were made.  

An increased network of ‘unofficial’ ambassadors – community groups spreading the word on recycling to their friends and family.

Many successful events including using a ‘smoothie bike’ to promote Love Food Hate Waste and family fun days. The events were effective in targeting people who were not part of community groups or didn’t have young children.

Extra support for the environmental services team to undertake recycling audits, inspections and a litter pick with a local school.



Published October 2015.


I have had a wonderful time with Breckland Council, I was made to feel part of the team at Breckland from day one and I have been able to considerably advance my project management and engagement skills.
Katie's feedback on graduate placement with Breckland Council