Ethical and Responsible Universities and Colleges

If you have current or new projects to deliver and need extra capacity in your team to do so, we can help you. 

Graduates and young people recruited through Change Agents UK have helped universities and colleges with a wide variety of projects covering all aspects of campus, community and curriculum. This has included:

  • Carbon Management,
  • Data analysis,
  • EMS implementation, 
  • Behaviour change and engagement,
  • Energy projects,
  • Travel plans,
  • Waste and recycling projects,
  • Sustainability of construction projects,
  • Sustainable procurement reviews,
  • Reviewing sustainability in the curriculum.

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Benefits to you

  • Rapid resource – The complete recruitment process takes just 4-6 weeks and saves you time reading and assessing lots of applications yourself!
  • Flexible resource – Change Agents UK can recruit for roles from 3 months to permanent contracts.
  • Reduced administration – Change Agents UK Employment Service can manage employment contracts and payroll. If you have a headcount restriction, this also means you can recruit someone under a ‘project cost’.
  • Added value – The Change Agents UK Skills Development Programme helps young professionals progress in their roles and shows your organisation’s commitment to developing the next generation of sustainability professionals.
  • Fresh enthusiasm and ideas from knowledgeable graduates and young people committed to developing a real career in the sector.
  • Extra capacity to help often small sustainability / CSR teams meet their sustainable development targets.
  • Wider network – In partnership with the EAUC, graduates have access to further networking opportunities and can share best practice across the sector.
  • Not for profit value for money – We charge just £1500 for our bespoke recruitment service and our graduates and young people have saved many organisations thousands of pounds in energy and carbon. 

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To find out more about our recruitment process, please visit the recruitment pages of our website or get in touch for more details.