Warm Homes, Healthy People programme

Following a successful recruitment and assessment process, CHANGE AGENTS UK are delighted to send their newly trained energy officers out into the ‘field’ to begin the important task of saving energy and money on fuel bills across the UK. Following a residential training week packed full of insight and advice from previous assessors, our new team are primed to raise the profile of fuel poverty and combat it through road shows, free household audits and community engagement projects.

Assessors should also be congratulated on gaining the National Energy Action (NEA) City & Guilds Energy Awareness Certificate during the residential week leaving them ready to hit the ground running over this cold winter period to warm up as many homes as possible!

If you would like more information on how to get a CHANGE AGENTS UK assessor in your local authority or organisation please contact us on 01572 723419 or email us today on contact@changeagents.org.uk and let our team guide you through the process and offer advice on whatever direction you would like the project to take in your area.

Meanwhile have a look at the successes of our 2011 Fuel Poverty programme here…