Waste less, Save more - Food Saver Champions for Discovery Communities

Sainsbury’s Food Saver Champions

The Background

South Derbyshire District Council has been working with Sainsbury’s to deliver the flagship ‘Waste less, Save more’ (WLSM) campaign. The campaign aimed to reduce food waste in the area by 50% and to cut average household food bills by £350. Current feedback shows that the average household has saved £10 a week on their typical food bill, a total of £520 per household per year.

Following on from the success of the South Derbyshire District Council, Sainsbury’s have released extra funding to roll out the ‘Waste Less, Save More’ project to “Discovery Communities” across the country. Perhaps you are submitting a bid for your own project and wondering how to find the time to run it, or need to resource it?

Change Agents UK is a charity and not-for-profit organisation; we are experts in recruiting and developing graduates and young people driven by the desire to work in ethical and responsible businesses.

What did Change Agents UK do in Swadlincote?

A team of 8 Food Saver Champions were recruited and employed by Change Agents UK in 2016 and early 2017 to engage with residents of Swadlincote about food waste; deliver behaviour change initiatives; and also give advice on how to make full use of the Council’s recycling and composting services. 

 In addition to the recruitment, Change Agents UK also trained, developed and supported the Food Saver Champions, developing and honing their skills throughout the 10 month project.

The bespoke support and advice given by Change Agents UK has been an essential part of our successes here in Swadlincote.

From the initial training during our induction week to frequent catch-up calls, Change Agents UK have helped to develop the team in fostering healthy working relationships, a deeper understanding of sustainability, the communication of related messages and many other useful skills. The Academy has been a fantastic addition to our personal and collective development, enhancing existing skills and developing new ones.

The Change Agents UK team are really personable and skilled in what they do.

Toni MacNamara – Food Saver Champion.

Employability - over 50% of the Food Saver Champions have already secured their next role.

How much would it cost?

We can resource your project with similar keen and enthusiastic staff. If you chose to have one Food Saver Champion for 6 months on a salary of £20,000, for example, it would cost £15,000.

This includes: full recruitment process to your specification, support and development of the successful candidate during the project, salary and related costs (NI, tax, pension etc.), employment service to cover contracts, payroll, pension etc.

This is just an example and the package can be tailored to suit individual requirements, please contact us to discuss.

Why Change Agents UK?

  • Peace of mind – we are a long-standing not-for-profit, with established recruitment processes - our recruitment service meets REC best practice.
  • No hassle – we will sort all of the paperwork, all of the applications, you just attend final interviews.
  • Legal – we will ensure they are employed with the correct paperwork in place to meet legal requirements, as well as all administration to do with payroll, NI, tax and pension, compliant with the latest laws.
  • High quality candidates – With our network of over 12,000 young professionals looking for jobs in ethical and responsible business - you can be guaranteed that the calibre of candidates will of the highest standard.
  • Fresh enthusiasm and ideas - candidates have the specialist skills and knowledge and a commitment to forge a career in their chosen sector.
  • Not-for-profit – we have both our clients’ and candidates’ best interests at heart, we offer a low-cost, high-value service which includes, for example, a travel bursary for candidates’ interview expenses.

These positions provide excellent experience for those looking for a career in the environmental sector, especially the waste and recycling industry.

Although this would be a fixed term opportunity, successful candidates will develop transferable skills in areas such as engagement, communicating sustainability, and project management providing good grounding for progression within the waste/recycling, or wider sustainability sectors.

What ongoing support is included?

With this service Change Agents UK will provide:

  • Enrolment onto our Skills Development Programme, utilising bespoke exercises to increase skill set and employability through self-evaluation, learning and the online learning resource, the Change Agents Academy.
  • Management support and networking opportunities.
  • A monthly Change Agents UK Newsletter informing of current sustainability news topics, up and coming events and workshops.
  • Inclusion in the Change Agents staff and alumni networks: socials, networking opportunities, etc.
  • Support in an organisation whose ethos is one of positive personal and professional development.

If you would like to discuss the options with us, or for a no-obligation quote, please contact Change Agents UK on 01572 723419 or email contact@changeagents.org.uk