Employment Services

When required, we can employ a Change Agent on behalf of an organisation through our Employment Service (ES) – a full HR and payroll management service; enabling clients to have the people they need, when and for how long they need them, without the associated legal and administrative responsibilities of employment.

Members of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, we manage employee contracts and all aspects of payroll, including pension auto enrolment, holiday entitlement and expenses whilst clients remain responsible for the day–to-day management of the Change Agent.

This service is designed to reflect the terms and conditions of employment at each individual organisation and therefore, the Change Agent employed through us will see no difference in their employment compared to an equivalent member of in-house staff.

Our flexible approach allows our clients to tailor the service according to their individual needs and requirements. Unlike an agency, we do not charge a retainer or finder’s fee should they wish retain the person or employ them directly at the end of the placement.

Our Employment Services are charged at 20% of the graduate’s salary, billed monthly.

No project is too big or too small. 

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