Who should I contact if I have a query about a vacancy or my application?

Change Agents UK manage the recruitment on behalf of the Client. Please contact our office if you have a query about a vacancy or your application, on 01572 723419, or contact@changeagents.org.uk

What is the application deadline for a given date?

Midnight, unless stated otherwise in the Opportunity Description.

Is a cover letter or supporting statement required with my application?

A tailored cover letter is essential. If you wish you can include it in the same document as your CV. If you need more guidance, we encourage you to use the guest access to our Change Agents Academy? Everyone can access the ‘applying and preparing for interviews’ resources, with CV tips, interview advice and interactive discussions. To access these areas please use Username: visitor Password: Visitor-1.

What documentation do I need to apply for a vacancy?

You will need proof of legal entitlement to reside and work in the UK for the full duration of the Opportunity i.e. a passport and/or work permit. For further information please visit this website (GOV.UK)

How should I structure my CV?

Please tailor your CV to the Opportunity Description, using the selection criteria as a guide. We have developed great resource, a video on CV & Job hunting. Why not use the guest access to our Change Agents Academy? More info here

How does your recruitment process work?

Your CV application is examined by our team, using the selection criteria and a shortlistedcandidates will be contacted and receive a 15-20min telephone interview, during the week following the application deadline. If you have not heard from us by the end of that week, then you will not have been successful in your application. After the telephone interviews, we perform a final shortlisting for the face-to-face interviews. Please provide both a landline and mobile number if you are invited to telephone interview. To find out more about our recruitment process read on here

Do you reimburse interview travel expenses?

We do reimburse for travel expenses incurred for interviews, but can't guarantee it will be the full amount.  The exact amount you receive back is dependent on the number of interview candidates that claim from our travel budget of £150 per set of interviews. We cannot cover air travel, overnight accommodation or subsistence and we recommend you keep the costs to a minimum so that we can reimburse you and the other candidates as much as possible. Claim forms should be submitted within one week of the interview date.

Do you advertise any permanent posts?

Yes, occasionally, though most of our vacancies are for fixed term placements. However, fixed term contracts may be extended in length or result in permanent employment with any given client.

I want a job in a particular location; can CHANGE AGENTS UK help me?

Unfortunately we are unable to predict where and when projects will become available. However, we operate nationally so projects may arise in your desired area. We would advise registering on our site, which will mean you receive automatic updates on new projects. However, if you wish to gain experience through employment it may be wise to show flexibility.

On updating my CV via your website, do I receive confirmation of receipt?

You should receive an automatically generated message of receipt within 1 hour of uploading your CV. However, if you do not, please contact a member of the CHANGE AGENTS UK team for further assistance.

What is meant by the phrase ‘Change Agent’?

A ‘Change Agent’ (formerly ‘Project Worker’) is the successfully recruited candidate for one of our roles.

What is meant by the ‘Client’?

The ‘Client’ is the organisation for whom we are recruiting and where a successful applicant will be working.

May I continue to apply for jobs offered if I have been unsuccessful in an application?

Yes, prior applications will not be taken into account. However, if you previously failed to reach the stage of telephone interviews, you may wish to phone or email us for feedback on your CV. And also - remember to tailor each application for each role! 

What kind of training do you offer?

Change Agents will be automatically enrolled onto our Skills Development Programme (SDP), covering a wide variety of areas such as project management, copy writing and assertive communication, depending on the relevance to their role.  

The SDP is intended as a bespoke interactive learning tool for our Change Agents’ personal and professional development. This self-directed programme allows you to evaluate and refine your skillset, so you can make the most of your placement and also set you up for your future career.

Who is my employer for a project?

At the discretion of the Client, this can be the Client organisation or CHANGE AGENTS UK in-house employment bureau, run by our trading subsidiary CHANGE AGENTS UK Trading Ltd.

Who are CHANGE AGENTS UK Trading Ltd?

We are the trading subsidiary of CHANGE AGENTS UK Charity. Any profit from our activities will feed directly back into the Charity.