How our recruitment process works


CHANGE AGENTS UK will take the stress and time out of your recruitment by managing the process from beginning to end, so that you don’t have to. Our expert recruitment process takes 4-6 weeks; and uses a thorough and tailored approach to every individual project.  


For the first two weeks of the process, CHANGE AGENTS UK advertises through and our database of more than 12,000 early careerists seeking roles in the sustainability sector.

In addition to this, the opportunity-specific advert is posted on well-known sustainability job websites including , other job websites where applicable, specific university careers service websites, as well as social media platforms, to ensure maximum reach. These sites are chosen specifically to meet the needs of each role.

Shortlisting CVs:

We receive on average 100 CV applications per opportunity. The CVs are scored and shortlisted by your dedicated Recruitment & Development Coordinator with reference to the selection criteria set out by you in the Job Description.

Shortlisting by telephone interview:

Telephone interview questions are based on the essential selection criteria and are scored using a standardised scoring system. The formal interview places are offered to the top scoring applicants. This gives us a great opportunity to get to know the candidates behind the CVs and make informed decisions for the formal interview.

Formal interview:

Interviews are held at your premises, where 4-6 candidates will be invited to interviews with a member of the CHANGE AGENTS UK team present, alongside at least one member of staff of your organisation, usually the line manager of the graduate.

We will facilitate and organise the interview process and ensure that the day runs smoothly, as well as doing as much or as little of the actual interviewing as you require.

Please call us on 01572 723419 to discuss your requirements.