Develop key work-related skills that employers are seeking with the City & Guilds Level 4 Professional Development Award

For the past 13 years we have been offering the City & Guilds Level 4, Professional Development Award and we are pleased to announce that Change Agents UK has passed a recent City & Guilds inspection and will remain an Approved Centre. 

For a recent graduate or young person, entering into an environmentally and socially sustainable career can be challenging, demanding high levels of aptitude, experience and motivation. Getting their foot on the ladder through securing an opportunity with Change Agents UK is a major step in the right direction, and we are keen to ensure they gain the most from the experience and become as employable as possible by the end of their contract.

This is where the City and Guilds Professional Development Award (PDA) comes in…

Operating in 81 countries worldwide and with 99% of UK employers recognising the City and Guilds name, the Professional Development Award gives them the chance to gain accreditation for their opportunity with Change Agents UK and provides them with formal recognition of the knowledge and skills they will gain through their experience. It allows them to take control of their professional development by providing a framework to develop key work-related skills that employers are seeking.

This award formally recognises and demonstrates to employers, the transferable skills and knowledge that you gain through work experience and a range of other structured activities. It helps you take an active role in your own personal and professional learning and development. (City and Guilds, 2009)

City and Guilds is committed to developing the skills of people and organisations to secure their personal and economic growth and prosperity.

The award that we accredit is a Level 4 qualification, aimed at graduates and those with a higher level of knowledge and understanding than many of City and Guilds more vocational courses.

Completion of the award will help graduates and young people to learn and set their own objectives in the workplace, evaluate their experiences, and understand and articulate the benefits gained from their placement and how they can give added value to a future employer.

For more information on our Skills Development Programme contact us or click here.