NUS win one of three UNESCO prizes for Sustainability Education

NUS has won one of three UNESCO prizes for sustainability education. Winning it for 10 years of Green Impact!

CHANGE AGENTS UK have supported the NUS' Green Impact programme since it was first developed in 2009.  Green Impact is an environmental accreditation and awards scheme, bringing staff and students together with their wider communities to enable and showcase positive changes in environmental practice.

Working in hundreds of organisations across the world, the award winning behaviour change programme empowers people to make meaningful change on sustainability, whether they’re starting from scratch, or think they have nothing left to do.

Although NUS is the named entity, it is really down to many organisations across the sector for helping us develop, run and fund the scheme over many years, Change Agents UK included! 

National Union of Students

Sustainable Projects Assistants (SPAs) are how we support the Green Impact scheme which drives behaviour change programmes in students' unions, higher and further education institutions and increasingly off-campus organisations, such as hospitals, local authorities, charities and businesses.

We recruit, train, network and support talented graduates to implement the programmes.

Change Agents UK would like to congratulate the NUS on their success with the UNESCO prize for sustainability education. Over the last 7 years, Change Agents UK has helped to recruit over 80 graduate Sustainability Projects Assistants (SPAs), to deliver Green Impact in universities, colleges and off campus organisations across the UK.

Not only has this partnership helped organisations to achieve results well beyond what they could have achieved alone; it has helped numerous, passionate graduates make their first real steps in their sustainability careers. Our case studies are testimony to many success stories, and we look forward to the next 10 years of supporting sustainability education. 

Miriam Webb, Recruitment & Development Manager - Change Agents UK