Professional Development Award

Did you know that our recruitment and support package includes an accredited personal development award from City and Guilds? Once we have recruited a change agent into an organisation we offer the opportunity for them to be mentored by another change agent from our alumni who is on the next step of their sustainability career.

For a recent graduate or young person, entering into an environmentally and socially sustainable career can be challenging, demanding high levels of aptitude, experience and motivation. Getting their foot on the ladder through securing an opportunity with Change Agents UK is a major step in the right direction, and we are keen to ensure they gain the most from the experience and become as employable as possible by the end of their contract.

The City and Guilds Professional Development Award demonstrates to employers the essential transferable skills and knowledge necessary to achieve a wide range of career or leadership opportunities. This accredited course is recognised globally though the City and Guilds brand, and is an established way to offer continued professional development in the workplace. 

Our PDA scheme brings together a number of unique elements to the Change Agents UK service. It is open to any Change Agent who is benefitting from five months or more of our Skills Development Programme. It also utilises our thriving alumni community because many of the mentors to the scheme are Change Agents that are on the next step of a sustainability career.

Kim Croasdale, Sustainability Project Officer for the NUS, completed the award herself and then went on to be a mentor for the scheme, saying that: 

"The PDA gave me the opportunity to reflect on what I was learning in my job. It motivated me to do activities I otherwise wouldn't have chosen to do and discover what those activities taught me. Getting a job is hard enough, but to then continue your personal and professional development so that you remain a desirable candidate is a huge challenge. The PDA helped me to do just that, as well as knowing how to sell my qualities. Having had such a positive experience myself I then wanted to help other graduates do the same. As a new graduate your first job can be daunting, and the PDA is a fantastic way to boost your confidence. As a mentor, I really enjoy watching my mentee plan her development and reflect on her new skills."

Fiona Halliday, an EVS volunteer at The Gaia Foundation on her experience so far:

I decided to take on the City & Guilds Professional Development Award offered by Change Agents whilst on my EVS placement. After some initial hesitation, I decided to rise to the challenge after recognising some skills that could be developed, and I’m really glad that I did. It has provided me with space and motivation to really deeply reflect on ways I can improve myself, and has been vital in my self-development and helping me to deal and reflect positively with some of the challenges and frustrations that can arise in any work situation. The support from my mentor (Miriam Webb) has been brilliant too.