A unique approach to recruitment

Specialist recruitment and professional development of early careerists; to resource a wide range of ethical & responsible businesses in the public and private sectors, on a not-for-profit basis. 

  • We recruit for paid positions from 3 months to permanent roles.
  • Experience in bespoke recruitment for ethical businesses since 1996.
  • Network of over 12,000+ job-seeking graduates and young professionals looking to launch their career within an ethical business.
  • Over 2000 projects delivered across all sectors.
  • Our in-house employment services are available.
  • Early Careerists benefit from our Skills Development Programme and many other learning resources. 

Change Agents UK can recruit for entry to mid-level roles, the guide below shows you what to expect from your Change Agent at each level...

Change Agents UK – Level 1

Roles that are suitable for fresh graduates, or those with limited experience. Really good starter roles, with plenty of support from managers who will develop and nurture talent.

Suitable for those who have left university up to two or three years previously, probably after their first degree, or after consecutively studying for a degree and then a Masters.

Managers should not look for experience, but expect to recruit raw talent, seeking those traits and characteristics, along with attitude and behaviour, which will enable the Change Agent to be a success in the role and ‘fit’ their organisational culture. It is likely that the Change Agent will be capable, but may lack confidence at first and will require a good level of input and support to aid their development. Will really benefit from regular support through the Skills Development Programme.

Likely to be a fixed term contract of 6-12 months, with possibility of extension or to be made permanent.

What Change Agents UK was originally set up to do in 1996, give fresh graduates and young people that first opportunity to kick-start their careers!

Salary £17 - £25k (guide only)

Change Agents UK – Level 2

Next level roles for those who have more experience under their belts, probably second jobber roles. Require not only the attitude and behaviours to fit with the organisation, but also a suitable skill set to align with the requirements of the role.

May suit Change Agents who have completed a ‘Level 1’ placement, or those looking for that next step in their career.

Managers should expect to seek a certain degree of experience in a similar role or industry, with a ‘can do’ attitude, and a good level of confidence. It is likely that they will still require input and guidance to further their professional development and will benefit from the Skills Development Programme and 1:1 Professional Coaching.

May be a fixed term contract, but equally likely to be a permanent role.

Salary £25k- £30k (guide only)

Change Agents UK – Level 3

Mid-level roles for those with a good amount of experience in a particular industry, role or sector, with the appropriate level of detailed knowledge.

May suit Change Agents who have completed a placement or previously held a role at ‘Level 1’, ‘‘Level 2’, or someone who has been working in related roles.

Managers should expect a good level of relevant experience, plus a good attitude and behaviour to ensure organisational fit. Candidates should be self-starters, well-developed in the Skills of a Change Agent and capable of doing a great job from day one. Will particularly benefit from the 1:1 Professional Coaching add-on.

Likely to be permanent roles.

Salary £30k+ (guide only)

Recruitment Process